Welcome to Gourmet House, premium food specialist in Dubai and purveyors of world’s finest delicacies. Sourced from around the world, we are pleased to deliver to our clients with the most coveted and exotic culinary delights. From the rare and pungent Italian white truffles, to fresh Norwegian Salmon and the precious Beluga caviar, as premier gourmet food suppliers we only offer the finest.
With the history of catering the sophisticated palate to the most discerning clients over the years, we are well versed that only world-class produce would be gratifying & quenching. Our range of products is thoroughly researched and sourced ensuring the optimum supply to our high-end consumers. Additionally, we also strive in taking constructive steps to make sure that our Gourmet Food is sustainable. For instance, we are the pioneers to produce and introduce Beluga caviar in the international market from our well facilitated state-of-the-art Sturgeon Farms.
Whether you seek delicacies for your own kitchen, or you are looking to delight a gastronomic friend with some fanatic gifts in Dubai - Gourmet House has the right products to match every occasion.