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At Gourmet House, our Salmon is cured and smoked over smoldering oak, freshly processed, according to old Scottish recipe. Traditionally smoked by modern machinery, we are committed to producing a fresh, delicious and sustainable range of premium smoked salmon. Daily smoked, and delivered to you, with friendly and reliable service.

Smoking and curing used to be about preserving the food, nowadays it's all about taste enhancement. There are several steps into its process, included:

The Brining and Preparing

The fish must be in prime condition and the brining strictly adhered to. Every product is cured prior to smoking using dry salt Phase to enhance the product by adding herbs and different seasoning.

The Smoking

In the Smoke House, the fire is kept going, releasing warm smoky air which gradually dries the fish, and as it does so, the smoke naturally preserves the fish. Modern custom-made kilns are used to either hot or cold smoke the various produce. Cold smoking involves a remote smoke source, by using smoldering oak chips, drawn through the kiln over the Salmon by an internal fan, evenly distributing the smoke. The skill of the smoker is therefore, crucial, as the fine texture and taste of the end product, depends only on the timing and temperature. The smoked salmon comes in two distinct varieties:

  • Cold Smoking:

    The Smoke House is partitioned off from the fire with a vent controlling the smoke intake. The temperature never goes above 25°C, and the fish is gently smoked for 24 hours.

  • Hot Smoking:

    The Smoke House is closer to the heat of the fire, smokes and cooks the fish, giving a melt-flavored texture in the mouth. The products are usually cold smoked overnight and then hot-smoked in the morning, when the fire lid is taken off and the product is cooked.