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Supplying the world's best truffles in Dubai

Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, truffles are prized all over the globe for their pungent aroma and distinct flavour. A short season makes these crops more valuable, causing farmers across Italy and France to go into a frenzy to find these delicious tubers. France is most famous for its black variety, or the Perigord, while Italy has been culinary blessed with the white species, also known the Piedmont or Alba.

Gourmet House is proud to be premium fresh truffle suppliers while in season, and also offer preserved white and black truffles all year. We obtain these culinary delights from the finest regions to ensure our truffles in Dubai represent the world’s best.

White truffles are often consumed uncooked. Since the bulk of their flavour lies in the strong scent, it only needs to be thinly sliced. The heat of the dish will bring out the intense aroma of the species for a fabulous effect.


Gourmet House can boast being truffle suppliers of White truffle, which is considered the best one. With an unmistakable scent, it is the most valuable among the species. During the season fresh ones are flown into Dubai once a week!


It belongs to the same species of summer truffle yet gives its identity by the distinctive stronger taste with the exterior black rind and inner light brown pulp.