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First class smoked Salmon in Dubai

(Note: Product is currently not available at our London store).

Ali Mahmoudi, a pioneer and renowned caviar merchant across the globe, returned to the UAE after his fascinating and inspiring trip to Scotland in the year 2010. After exploring across the Scottish Aquaculture coastline, rivers, and streams he experienced a re-awakened of his long-cherished dream to found a premium Scottish salmon supplier.  He was especially impressed by his visit in and around the Orkney Islands, which are home to the farms and smokehouses of Scottish producers.

It was his fond wish to establish a Smoke House in Dubai, an innovative gastronomic place. Making his dream a reality, today, Salmon House LLC is actively producing variety of finest specimens satisfying its valued clientele far and wide. Sourced from some of the world’s richest oceans, their range includes the coveted Norwegian Salmon. We are proud to bring some to the world’s finest Salmon to Dubai and its discerning residents.